RUSSIA: The Biden administration will reportedly announce a ban on imports of Russian oil and energy products today as he faces increasing pressure from Congress on the issue. (Bloomberg, Politico)

• Analysts say President Biden has few tools to combat rising oil and gas prices amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but how he handles this crisis could determine the future of U.S. climate goals. (E&E News)
• The world’s largest oil and gas producers say they’ll ramp up production, especially in the Permian Basin, to meet demand amid a ban on Russian imports. (Politico)

• With federal government support, U.S. automakers experiment with batteries’ chemical makeups, to avoid being left in Tesla and foreign carmakers’ dust. (Washington Post)
• General Motors and California utility PG&E partner to test using GM vehicles as backup generators, first in a lab and then in homes. (Canary Media)
• As the rest of the world largely ends electric vehicle subsidies, the U.S. is still looking to increase its EV financial incentives. (Bloomberg)
• Some Tesla shareholders look to distance the company from energy-intensive cryptocurrency. (E&E News)

• The Biden administration proposes new limits on emissions from buses, tractor-trailers and other heavy-duty vehicles. (New York Times)
• U.S. beef industry leaders say they’ve emerged “relatively unscathed” from the Biden administration’s pledges to curb methane emissions. (Guardian)
• Global clothing manufacturers take small steps toward reducing their emissions by installing clean energy projects to power their overseas manufacturing facilities. (Inside Climate News)

• The Biden administration finalizes a rule that will push the federal government to prioritize buying domestically produced materials, including critical elements used for clean energy and nuclear projects. (E&E News)
• U.S. companies have accelerated their extraction and mining plans in the year since President Biden signed an executive order to bolster U.S. production of key minerals needed for clean energy projects. (S&P Global)

STORAGE: The U.S. led the way in global grid storage investments last year, despite most lithium-ion battery manufacturing happening in Asia. (Canary Media)

• U.S. Senate Democrats say they’ll revive reconciliation and climate bill talks during a party meeting tomorrow. (E&E News)
• Senate Democrats want $1 billion to fund a Federal Trade Commission crackdown on alleged price-gouging by oil and gas companies, among other industries. (Reuters) 

WIND: Dominion Energy awaits construction of a specialized $500 million vessel to build the country’s largest offshore wind farm off Virginia. (Vxartnews)

SOLAR: Both chambers of the Florida legislature pass a bill to phase out net metering by 2028 and reduce what utilities pay customers with rooftop solar. (Miami Herald, Florida Politics)

OIL & GAS: U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin orders the Navy to drain and permanently close the Red Hill fuel storage facility in Hawaii that contaminated thousands of residents’ drinking water. (Associated Press)

WEATHERIZATION: A reporter shares how high utility bills led him to weatherize his California home. (Bloomberg)

COMMENTARY: The anticipated closure of roughly 20 U.S. nuclear plants in the coming years could bring drastic economic consequences to the rural communities where they’re located without proper planning, land use advocates say. (Daily Yonder)

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