EQUITY: “Equity and justice are central to everything that we do”: As the U.S. Department of Energy’s deputy director for energy justice, Dr. Tony Reames helps put equitable energy policy into action. (Vxartnews)

• The Biden administration established and funded a U.S. EPA office for environmental justice six months ago, but has yet to nominate its leader. (E&E News)
• New York’s finalized disadvantaged communities list — which would help the state identify where climate funds and environmental cleanup efforts should be directed — includes just over a third of the state’s census tracts. (Gothamist)

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ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Lawmakers and electric vehicle industry leaders raise concerns about transparency, jobs, and trade agreements as the U.S. Treasury Department prepares to release EV incentive guidance. (E&E News)

PIPELINES: The long-stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline remains in a legal and regulatory stalemate, although an expert sees a narrow path that could quickly allow its completion this year. (E&E News)

WIND: The global wind industry predicts rapid growth this year, pointing to Inflation Reduction Act incentives in the U.S. (NBC News)

NUCLEAR: Reusing retiring coal plants to house small modular reactors could cut their construction costs by as much as 35%, a think tank estimates. (Utility Dive)

STORAGE: Batteries in stoves, washing machines and other appliances could soon be key to electrifying homes without installing high-voltage power lines and upgrading electric panels. (Washington Post)

• The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as well as oil and renewable energy companies, call on Congress to pass energy permitting reforms by the end of the summer. (The Hill)
• The Republican House rushes to pass its Lower Energy Costs Act before Easter, knowing Democrats will vote it down ahead of an expected summertime increase in gasoline prices. (Washington Post)

• The U.S. Department of Energy will expand its SolSmart program to another 500 communities, doubling the program that provides free solar energy technical assistance to local governments. (Utility Dive)
• North Carolina solar advocates worry Duke Energy’s plan to add a new monthly fee and reduce rates for net-metering will slow the transition to renewables. (WFAE)

OIL & GAS: California lawmakers pass a bill authorizing regulators to penalize oil companies for price gouging and requiring pricing information disclosure. (Guardian)

EFFICIENCY: New federal efficiency standards for air conditioners and purifiers will save customers $1.5 billion annually on electricity, the U.S. Energy Department estimates. (Utility Dive)

CLIMATE: “Rewilding” portions of the Earth to let plants and animals thrive could create biological carbon pumps that remove and sequester the greenhouse gas. (Inside Climate News)

CARBON CAPTURE: Minnesota’s CenterPoint Energy is piloting a technology that captures carbon dioxide from flue exhaust in gas-powered water heaters and boilers to produce grist for making soap. (Star Tribune)

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